[hackerspaces] Bucketworks needs help

roh hs at hyte.de
Sat Jun 1 05:42:07 CEST 2013

Al Billings wrote:
> ​I'd like to see more discussion of *successful* business models for hackerspaces. Some are clearly able to have them and be successful. What makes them different?

what makes hackspaces different?

i think the fundamental question first is:
why do you obviously see such locations/organisations as 'needs to make
a profit' like e.g. a 'business'?

most locations i know are 'making things possible'-style, pragmatic
designed concepts which result not out of a business model, but out of a
demand for space to be creative in.
and yes, that costs money. thats why one has memberships or some other
way to come up with rent/electricity-money.

so from my pov the business-model is a result of a more or less specific
demand, not the other way around.

also things change. members come and go. people move. business happens
or changes. one has to adapt.
welcome to a society of people not hiding behind curtains of 'thats how
we have done it since before my grandpa'-thinking.

congrats to bucketworks for making things work out :)

kind regards and greetings from berlin, old europe



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