[hackerspaces] Discuss Digest, Vol 53, Issue 107

Dave Borghuis dave at tkkrlab.nl
Wed Jan 30 18:40:28 CET 2013

Hi Slowpoke,

> I'm from the RaumZeitLabor, a Hackerspace in southeastern Germany. You
> might have heard about us ;).

Yep i did, i saw some members of your space on the last CCC camp.

> We'd be on board with this - let's make this international. We welcome
> other Hackerspaces in Germany or the German speaking area to join us!

Cool to see picked this up on an international level

Right now we are preparing a (Dutch) press release we want to make
available this Friday. If you want i can send you a loosely translated

I am the person busy arranging this in Netherlands, if you have any
questions of remarks feel free to contact me.

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