[hackerspaces] Hackerspace crisis plan

David Francos me at davidfrancos.net
Tue Jan 22 12:48:41 CET 2013

We're in a not-so-small city (> 600.000 people).
We tried with an occupied space, nobody went there (including me, I must
say) because of the bad conditions.
We tried with a place provided by our government, but people complaint that
we couldn't do some things (political stuff, breaking stuff, workshop

Now, we were doing a huge kind of stuff (software hacking, hardware
hacking, art hacking ;-) ), but anyway, we could only gather about 7
people, and then three of them left (thus making the posibility of keeping
that projects kinda hard, I'm the only tech part left, the rest of the four
are three artist girls).

Our city hall is promoting some tech & arts center that will probably "eat"
people, but they're interested in syngery, and there's a good relationship
between us.
The local 3d printing group also meets here twice a month, but has little
interest on it and noone has become a member...
The local opensource + beer group also meets here twice a month, and also
has little interest on it and noone becomes a member.
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