[hackerspaces] How do you define quorum for your space?

Greg McGuire greg at nesit.org
Sat Jan 19 01:29:43 CET 2013

For membership meetings, this is what my hackerspace requires for a quorum:

The Members present at any properly-noticed meeting shall constitute a quorum. 

For board meetings, this is what my hackerspaces requires for a quorum:

uorum constitutes at least 50% of the members of the Board being physically present at the Board meeting. However, if fewer than four members of the Executive Committee are present, a quorum shall not be constituted. Except as otherwise required by law or by these Bylaws, a quorum is required for the Board to transact business, and for any motions to be made and approved, other than a motion to adjourn the meeting until a later date.

A regular or special meeting of the Board may be conducted with the assistance of any means of communication, such as a conference-call mechanism, that allows all Directors participating to simultaneously hear each other during the meeting. A Director participating in a meeting by this means is deemed to be personally present at the meeting. 

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On Jan 18, 2013, at 19:08, Georges Kesseler <georgeskesseler at yahoo.com> wrote:

> syn2cat: we went through many ways of handling decisions. Monthly meetings, basic democracy, leading group etc...
> Finally it all came down to "doacracy" for everything which does not cost money, and for money spending decisions we have this system: http://wiki.hackerspace.lu/wiki/Funding
> On 01/15/2013 01:58 PM, Bill French wrote:
>> Greetings from heavily armed and definition crazed America.
>> How are you all defining quorum for your spaces?  I'd love to hear any backstory.
>> Since decision making seems to be kryptonite for hacker types, we're thinking of something along the lines of "whoever the fuck decides to show up for decision night".
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