[hackerspaces] Hackers, feminism, and bullying

rachel lyra hospodar rachelyra at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 00:51:28 CET 2013

Hi kevin, I want to point out that I haven't said 'all', 'most', or 'many',
or used judgemental adjectives like 'horrible', but simply described
patterns of behavior that exist and sometimes occur, in the context of
discussion where they are relevant.

> >It is difficult to even talk about gender/race/heteronormativity because
as soon as it comes up, people from the named dominant group panic, get
defensive, scold the complainers, claim that they are being
> This is akin to me saying that all feminists are "horrible individuals"
and are "bullies" which is far from the truth. Your statement in my mind
gives me the perception of you being a bully,

...and now somehow we're talking about an exaggerated comparison and false
generalization you've made, and by extension you, and your feelings,
instead of continuing direct discussion of the topic at hand.

Just pointing that out, in the hopes of illuminating yet another rote
pattern of behavior as well as perhaps continuing to discuss (or
demonstrate, I guess) ways in which technology spaces can be unwelcoming to
new ideas while professing openmindedness.

Now all these words are getting to be too much for my little old brain. I
guess I'll go back to my sewing.

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