[hackerspaces] How Do You Bring In Women?

Pete Prodoehl raster at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 19:59:20 CET 2013

Great advice... Milwaukee Makerspace already has about 5 art events on 
the schedule for this year.

For the gallery nights in our neighborhood, we'll be a venue. We may 
invite local artists to use our space as well, since we've got plenty of 
room. (We did this in 2010 and it drew huge crowds through our doors.) 
For the gallery nights happening in other neighborhoods we plan on being 
open to the public on those nights, and we'll show off whatever art and 
cool stuff our members make.


On 1/18/13 12:19 PM, Matt Joyce wrote:
> Mentioned previously, the best groups to join up with are artists.
> You might want to get some members together and try to get involved in
> art fairs and events.  Build some cool stuff, show up, and be
> sociable.  Try to join up with artist groups in the area and help them
> with their projects.  In short, be johnny on the spot whenever you can
> be.  Makerfaire's are great public events.  Hosting events in places
> that are not your hackerspace, local bars / open spaces, are also
> great.  Be members of your wider community as well as your
> hackerspace.
> Also host some events that aren't entirely hacker related.  NYCR used
> to host an awesome interactive party in august every year.  The
> initial goal was to get people to do stuff during the summer months.
> So people would build things for drunk party goers to play with.  The
> nice side effect of events like that, is that people outside your
> community will spread information about you by word of mouth.
> Just a few ideas,
>            Matt
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