[hackerspaces] Tips and Tricks (Was Women in Makerspaces)

spider spider at spiderwebz.nl
Fri Jan 18 14:49:16 CET 2013

On 18.01.2013 14:27, Melissa Hall wrote:
> 3) When you do outreach to promote your space, where do you go?  Are
> there other community organizations you might be overlooking?  For
> example in my community I would love to see the maker space do some
> cross-promotion with the local roller derby team (they do
> a monthly craft night we could host) and  the local edge theater
> group.  And promoting in say, the local LGBT center as well as the
> local game store might make more of a difference than you expect.

I agree at point 3 here. Get out of your comfort zone, broaden the 
perspective of what a hacker or a maker is.

One of our hackerspaces has an amazing poster to attract visitors. It's 
called "Not only for geeks" and it sums up 36 different kind of geeks, 
from software and soldering to photography, music and typography to 
cooking, books and even aquariums. Unfortunately it's in Dutch otherwise 
I would attached it to this message.


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