[hackerspaces] Women in Makerspaces

spider spider at spiderwebz.nl
Thu Jan 17 21:25:29 CET 2013

On 17.01.2013 21:02, Melissa Hall wrote:
>> Hi! A question, what exactly do you want to know from other women?
>> If
>> they also feel uncomfortable when there's less than 15% or so
>> women? Or
>> what values we seek in makerspaces/hackerspaces? If other women
>> think
>> they can take leadership? Or if they actually would like to take
>> leadership? Or if we need another women to take leadership? Or...
>> all of
>> the above?!
>> Grtz,
>> Spider
> Spider- Any of those things would seem like an interesting thing to
> discuss, this was really more a sort of this is how I feel, how do 
> you
> feel thing than a request for data.

I believe it's up to the women (each women for herself) to decide which 
part they want in makerspaces/hackerspaces. For me it's quite easy, I 
don't feel the need to learn programming or great networking skills. So 
I don't know how men would respond to me writing some cool code or 
designing an amazing network. I just like the creative flow that hangs 
around spaces, the sharing knowledge and art of what people are doing. I 
don't seek for special values, but I like the fact that (at least in the 
Netherlands) everyone is welcomed, how weird or different you may be. 
Everyone has something to add to the picture! Of course I would like to 
see more women in these groups, but also not just any girl (I don't 
consider myself to be a "girly-girl" so to many of those would scare me 

Most of my own activities are getting things organized. So I can 
imagine myself taking leadership and being a board member. But that's up 
to the person itself. If you want to be a board member, take matters in 
your own hands. Speak up, take action, organize. If you're not willing 
to fight for what you want to do, do you really want it? I'm not telling 
anyone they actually should harass people around them to get a spot 
anywhere, but you do need to take your own initiative. Nobody is handing 
it to you. If they do it's probably because you earned some respect in 
that matter and showed the needed skills before. To me there's no 
difference in claiming your spot as a board member as claiming your spot 
as a good developer. Could be the "macho" you were writing about, but 
effort needs time and devotion. If anyone lacks those, nothing will 


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