[hackerspaces] Is this a hackerspace?

David Powell davepow16 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 20:18:22 CET 2013

I liked the idea in the other thread that suggested companies be listed as
non-profit and for profit.

Buddy, I can see your point about GeniusCorps now that I looked at more
than just the video on their home page. It does seem more like an ITT Tech
or college. I also don't like that they limit their age group from 18 - 28.
Also, statements like "*Graduates of this program will have attained the
skills necessary to work as a Junior Software Developer in the IT
Industry’s most saught after skills.. " * make them seem more like a school
than a hackerspace.

I have always thought of a hackerspace as providing a place where someone
can learn but then continue to work in the space once they have picked up
their own skills. I wonder if GeniusCorp would allow their members to come
in and just use their computers and internet access without taking a class.
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