[hackerspaces] Let's Try This Again

Premier Farnell premier.farnell at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 2 15:12:04 CET 2013

Hai Markus and Everybody.

I think we have gotten off on the wrong foot. I am a sub-sub-sub-sub-contractor, not an entire corporation. I made this yahoo address because I am just contractor. My job is simply to get qualified people to apply to this "4 Short Projects" job. I think there are a lot of qualified people on hackerspaces.org, who may or may not be interested.

If you *are* interested, great. If you are not interested, that's OK too. I think this discussion has already led to a positive creation for hackerspaces.org: a job listing site. Maybe you know an engineering student or out-of-work engineer who could use the cash. Pass it on. Just please stop accusing me of being an evil spammer because, well, it is unnecessary and hurts my feelings.

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