[hackerspaces] Classes and Liability

Pete Prodoehl raster at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 16:49:38 CET 2013

At our space we've been talking about teaching classes, which is 
something we want to encourage, but here's the tough part...

If I teach a class and charge money for it, I've been told that I will 
be liable if someone decides to sue because I am a "paid" instructor.

I believe we can get around this by not accepting any money, or by 
asking people to make a donation to the space, but as soon as an 
individual takes any monetary compensation, they are opening themselves 
up to some legal risk.

Our space has an insurance policy, and it covers things that happen at 
the space, but an individual charging for classes does not fall under 
our plan.

How do others deal with this?

(Note: We're based in the United States... land of the litigious!)


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