[hackerspaces] I am no longer using google mai, you can, be one too!

FarMcKon eponymous at farmckon.net
Fri Aug 23 04:23:55 CEST 2013

Chris Weiss; 
To you, who already knows how to setup an email server, the insecurity of plain-text email is obvious.  I can tell you from experience, most people without that technical knowledge/education expect their email is private and protected by the 4th Amendment, like their regular mail.  So congratulations for mocking people as 'lame' and '2nd stupidest' for knowing less than you. Keep up the excellent work!

Matt Maier; 
The whole email (and especially the last paragraph) is tongue-in-cheek.  I would hope phrases the 'Please use the keyword potatoes' and the further phrase  "(that is a joke" would have made it clear that last paragraph was, indeed, a joke.  Due to your concern, the person that made that joke has been fired.   If you would like to have them reinstated, you can email my HR department at mdjoyce at gmail.com (that is a joke (again)).

Great article!  Much better than my choice. 

Hack on, 
- Far McKon

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