[hackerspaces] I am no longer using google mail, you can be one too!

FarMcKon eponymous at farmckon.net
Thu Aug 22 04:05:18 CEST 2013

Hey google-using folks (everyone else can skip this);

If you are on this list, and have been reading the news at all, I'd like
to lobby you to move your email off of google now.  Their 'No
Expectation of privacy'* decision and PRISM** participation really runs
counter to the DIY and user-empowering ethos of hackerspaces.   If you
want to setup a mail server, or run into trouble moving email somewhere
else, feel free to reply to this thread.  I'm sure we can help find
technical expertise to help get your email in more trustworthy hands. 

If you are planning to leave your mail on google, I suggest you also
mail a copy of your hose keys to the local police station, and invite
them to search your house anytime.  It will just make the Police State's
life much easier to do sneak-n-peaks.

Changing lists.hackerspcaes.org email subscription:

1) Log into http://lists.hackerspaces.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss
2) Go to 'Subscribrs' section. Enter usename and password a click the
button 'Subscribers List'
3) find your email in the list. Click on it.
4) Replace your old email address with your new one
5) Continue reading discuss at lists.hackerspaces.org at your new mailbox.

If anything goes wrong, I run a email support line at
'mdjoyce at gmail.com'. Please use the keyword 'Potatoes' in the subject
line so I know you are serious. (that is a joke (but seriously, email
matt digital potatoes)).

Regards,  hack on,
- Far McKon


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