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Here is the feed for 23b Shop, a hacker space in Fullerton, CA:


Atom 1.0: http://blog.shop.23b.org/feeds/posts/default
RSS 2.0: http://blog.shop.23b.org/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss



On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 12:41 AM, Brink of HackFriday
<brink at hackfriday.com>wrote:

> Greetings fellow hackers and makers!
> Regardless which side of any ocean you might be on, you're probably
> familiar with Black Friday, and the raw consumer madness which overtakes
> most of America on this infamous day of the year.
> Last year, NYC Resistor and other fine hackerspaces encouraged folks to
> eschew the crazed shopping malls in favor of a better way to spend the
> post-holiday holiday: Hack Friday, an international day of hackery, makery,
> and craftery.
> This year, as many more folks are embracing the make-not-buy mentality of
> Hack Friday, we're kicking things up a notch with HackFriday.com. We've
> spent all week untangling the 'tubes to make HackFriday.com an aggregator
> for all things and projects HackFriday related.
> Now that the dust is settling and we can see what we've done, we want to
> feature your awesome projects! Whether you're hacking solo or in
> conjunction with your hackerspace comrades, HackFriday.com gives you a
> place to catch up on all the global HackFriday action in one grand unified
> kitten caboodle of hackity goodness.
> Come hack the day away with us! We'll be adding feeds to the hose all day
> long, so send them to us any way you can!  Here are some ways:
> Method 1: Email your project/blog/hackerspace RSS URL to
> feeds at hackfriday.com !
> Method 2: Tweet your RSS URL (or its short link) to @ItsHackFriday with
> the tag #HackFridayProject
> Method 3:  Tag your stuff #HackFriday !  *If* *we find it*, we'll
> aggregate it!
> HackFriday.com launches Friday morning, November 23rd, at 6am PST.   First
> one there gets cake*!
> - Brink
> brink at hackfriday.com
> *Bring Your Own Cake
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