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David Francos me at davidfrancos.net
Mon Apr 15 09:14:17 CEST 2013

As foundation, abuse of power and next step threads are dedicated to other
stuff, I re-open this topic here.
People have complained that global interhackerspace activities are
incredibly dead, I agree, and I've got a few toughts about it:
- People might not be knowing about it, not all hackerspaces are subscribed
to this list.
- In fact, I'm the only one in my hackerspace that is (language barrier is
a factor...)
- Language barrier. What about translations?
- Spamming people, I think the concept of a newsletter is nice for this
cases, let your hackerspace register, and a small check to receive info
about the interhackerspace activities
   For that, I'd get the list of hackerspaces' emails, and send them a
email with information about the proposal, hack a few stuffs in the wiki (I
know, I know, who proposes does... I've automagically volunteered for this)

I'd really like to keep up with interhackerspaces stuff, it's a really
great concept.
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