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On 04/13/2013 05:44 PM, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> Sean Bonner wrote, On 2013-04-13 13:18:
>> While I support hell yeah's and fucking with robots, to pretend
>> that there aren't already gate keepers is a bit of a joke, I mean
>> this whole thread started because of issues between gate keepers.
>> I think the idea of a foundation makes sense because then at
>> least there's some mutually agreed upon policy for those gate
>> keepers rather than just whatever whim someone has at a given
>> moment, and also someone (person or org) accountable to make sure
>> things both keep working and keep being relevant.
> Hackers part of this community who admin Linux boxes so you don't
> have to = gate keepers? What the fuck?
*** The "benevolent dictator" model has served the community pretty
well so far, especially as benevolent dictators have kept their tasks
to a minimum of involvement with community decisions.

I think the question raised is not whether or not we should create a
foundation, or if there's an abuse of power, etc., but what happened
that stalled in the community, and how to fix that.

As I can see it, the main agitators of the movement have been busy
with other things. When one is taking on herself to take on the role
of locomotive, it's normal to expect a relay at some point.

It seems to me that a lot happened in the last few years that affected
a lot of people. It sounds silly to say, but indeed, the global crisis
seems to have affected the attention patterns within the hackerspaces
community. It would be too simple to reduce the stall to just that,
but I bet a lot of us have been feeling it. It's not only the
financial crisis, but the moral, civic, and ethical crisis. Hackers
wanted to become public, and that happened big time; but on a darker
side, hackers have been targeted as terrorists; and commercial venues
engulfed in the breach hackerspaces.org created; and yada yada.

Jake made it clear in the keynote he gave at 29C3 that we need to
cooperate more. Yet, this discussion that sparked out of a frustration
and misunderstanding, and was quickly deflected to something
constructive, seems to fade away from the core topic of cooperation,
and the lack of it. Are we not able to reflect on our failure to
communicate, or sustain cooperation? Or is there no such interest
anymore? Or is it just a personal itch that is barely shared with the
rest of the community? Or is there no community, and hackerspaces.org
is just a list of hackerspaces?

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