[hackerspaces] [Survey announcement] Annual Open Design community survey by Statistical Studies of Peer Production

Jarkko Moilanen jarkko.moilanen at uta.fi
Wed Apr 3 19:09:38 CEST 2013


Statistical Studies of Peer Production is starting another annual
survey. This time focus will be on Open Design community. 
You can find the survey with 22 questions from SSoPP Active Surveys list
and from link below. It will be open until the end of this month (April
30th 2013). It includes questions which aim to provide information about
the motivation, tools used and design practices of Open Design community


If you know other lists that could contain open design practitioners,
feel free to spread this invitation.  

The survey will be part of longer and larger research focus, which

1) Peer Production generation surveys (conducted annually since 2010) ,

2) 3D Printing community surveys  (conducted annually since 2012) and
now also

3) Open Design community survey (starting 2013).

The above listed parts constitute a  trilogy, which is natural
combination of areas which will play crucial role in future
manufacturing and design practices. Discussion around ‘peer production’
has been active during the last years. Still, empirical information
about ‘peer production’ communities has been minimal. Annual Peer
Production generation survey aims at filling the gap and provide us more
accurate longitudinal research results about the values, structure and
relations of different DIY communities. It will provide us general
overview to P2P communities. 

3D Printing Community survey will be conducted annually, forming a
longitudinal data base about 3D printing community, members of it, and
features of the community. We have included both 1) people using 3D
printers, people who 2) develop 3D printers and related software and 3)
early adopters. 

The last part of this research trilogy is now starting: annual Open
Design surveys. It will provide us longitudinal information about the
Open Design community: what are the values, what kind of ecosystem it
will construct and what becomes out of the movement that has started to

Take the survey and help us to make Open Design a little better known;
as well as among open design practitioners as the unknown public.

Survey: http://surveys.peerproduction.net/ls/index.php?sid=64114&lang=en

Results will be used in academic research and survey data will be
published at Statistical Studies of Peer Production site. 

/Jarkko Moilanen


Jarkko Moilanen, M.Soc.Sc
PhD Candidate
School of Information Sciences
Blog: http://blog.ossoil.com

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