[hackerspaces] "Official" DIYbio community survey - part of Statistical Studies of Peer Production is on!

Jarkko Moilanen jarkko.moilanen at uta.fi
Sun Sep 30 17:04:45 CEST 2012


Yes, I know hackers are fed up with surveys. This one if directed at
people doing DIYbio (and last survey I'll push this year). 

We (P2P researchers) are inviting you to participate on a survey on
individuals and communities doing DIYbio:
The survey contains 29 questions, and typically it takes less than 10
minutes to complete. The survey is intended to give insights about
DIYbio communities, and we hope that this will help in motivating you to
take the time to participate!

The survey is a part of initiative for open source research on peer
production (supported by the Peer to Peer Foundation, more info at
http://surveys.peerproduction.net/). All of the (anonymised, of course!)
data will be openly available on the survey site. 
The questions have been prepared by Jarkko Moilanen with the help of
DIYbio community and the results with their analysis will be published
during 2012.

For further information and questions (or if you want to help with the
survey or with peer to peer research more generally), contact jarkko
{ at } peerproduction.net

Jarkko (IRC nick: kyyberi),
PhD Candidate (University of Tampere)
Statistical Studies of Peer Production

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