[hackerspaces] reliable 3d printer recommendations?

Walter van Holst walter at revspace.nl
Wed Sep 26 16:04:55 CEST 2012

On 2012-09-26 15:43, Pete Prodoehl wrote:

>  If you don't care as much about open source, the Replicator 2 does
> look nice, but I'll also throw in the MakerGear M2. One of our 
> members
> has a Mosaic (M1) and it's a nice machine, but the M2 looks that much
> more awesome, and Rick from MakerGear is a solid guy...

The MakerGear people are indeed rock-solid. Plus they put complimentary 
chocolates in their packages ;-)

At RevSpace we (or rather I) had a MakerBot CupCake which I failed to 
get working, even with the MakerGear steptruder instead of the original 
Plastruder. It is now happily churning away at #42 with a JHead hot-end 
and a bunch of other mods and is likely to move back to us soon. There 
is a RepRap Prusa v2 in the works, but no ideas on reliability yet. The 
BitLair, #42 and NURDspace people all managed to get a bunch of RepRaps 
working at a price point that they're usually not shared like a 
lasercutter but personally owned.

Because of the experiences we had with the MakerBot CupCake we chose a 
somewhat more turn-key solution for the lasercutter and don't think 
anyone has many regrets about that.



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