[hackerspaces] Photos please

Roland Hieber lists at rohieb.name
Wed Sep 26 02:04:53 CEST 2012

Assorted pictures from our small German hackerspace:

Feel free to use them, most of them are CC licensed, see the file
description pages.

Roland Hieber
Stratum 0 e.V., Braunschweig, Germany, Earth

On 25.09.2012 22:57, Dave wrote:
> After a year of planning, organizing and other foolishness, we have
> found a space for the Tallahassee (Florida) hackerspace.  While we are
> still negotiating on the building, we are having an open house for our
> members, friends, the local politicians and big wigs, and anyone we can
> pull in the door.  Since the space is now empty and a picture is worth a
> thousand words, we're doing a presentation on what other spaces look
> like, and examples of projects.  I need photos and am combing the
> community looking for good ones.  If you have a photo or two to share,
> or can point me toward an appropriate site, please?  
> Thanks in advance,
> David

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