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At vancouver HackSpace, we have two levels of members. Supporting members
and key members. To become a full members you need to be a supporting
members for 3 months and show up for most of the meeting. After three
months you can apply become a full member. If anyone has an objections they
don't get a key...

Technically you do not have to give your name or any name to become a
member. Practically it has not happened.

You can be anonymous at our space. Back ground checks would be universally
rejected at our space.
On Sep 17, 2012 3:47 PM, "Roland Hieber" <lists at rohieb.name> wrote:

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> On 18.09.2012 00:26, Edward L Platt wrote:
> > At i3 Detroit, we're pretty much open to anyone who wants to be a
> > member.  We just record their home address and check their ID, and
> > we don't require new members to be sponsored.  We've never had any
> > serious problems.
> What Ed says. At Stratum 0 in Braunschweig, Germany, we don't even
> have an "application form", anyone who wants to be a member just
> writes an e-mail to the board stating that she or he wants to be a
> member, and more thatn 50% of the board members have to agree. The
> only things we need are the applicant's real name and a valid e-mail
> address. I must admit that we have only existed for a year now, and
> have a rather small hackerspace (60m²), so we're very open to any
> support we can get, given that about 80% of our members are local
> students who might leave the town in a few years ;-) But despite this
> very open policy there were never any problems with members, and we
> didn't have to reject anyone (yet).
> Concerning member vetting or even police checks, there was never even
> the slightest discussion in our community to introduce that. We have
> however an (unwritten) rule that only good-known members are given
> access to a key.
> - -- Roland
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