[hackerspaces] Words you associate with Hackerspaces/Makerspaces?

Brendan Halliday nog3 at hsbne.org
Fri Sep 21 04:08:07 CEST 2012

Hi guys,

I'm working on some promotional materials for Hackerspace Brisbane (HSBNE)
and I'm compiling a list of words to use in some typography and wordplay.

The problem I have however is that I'd like it to be representative of
hackerspaces in general and so the current list is biased around my view of
what they are.

So to solve this I'm asking this question. What words and phrases do you
associate with hacker/makerspaces personally?

Looking forward to seeing your answers and I'll post a compilation of them
when it's died down enough to do so :)

HSBNE Secretary
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