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Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Tue Sep 18 18:33:11 CEST 2012

One bug / feature of this process is that we don't have a list of
members. So the prospective has to hang around enough to figure out who
the actual members are. Given that Noisebridge has a lot of non-member
attendees, this is a pretty good test.

We do put a list of prospective applicants' nyms on our wiki.


On 9/17/12 4:56 PM, Liz Henry wrote:
> Noisebridge asks prospective members to fill out a form with a name
> and a way to contact them.  They need two members to sign their form
> as "sponsors".  Their names are read out at 4 consecutive meetings to
> give people a chance to get to know them or to object to their being a
> member. They need to show up at a meeting after the 4th time their
> name is read, introduce themselves, and then people at the meeting
> (not necessarily members) can ask them questions.  They leave the
> meeting to buy us beer and/or cookies, and then members arrive at
> consensus.   Only members can block consensus and it only takes one to
> block.
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