[hackerspaces] New Member Vetting

hadez hadez.hso at nrrd.de
Tue Sep 18 11:05:08 CEST 2012

At shackspace in Stuttgart, Germany we do not vet anyone. We hardly
ever check ID either.
You just show up and have fun and at some point you end up filling out
a declaration of enrollment or whatever it's called.
>From there on you're in unless you really mess up resulting in the
need for the board to step in and formally throw you out (never
happened in the 3.5 years the club existed and we're countign 160+
members by now).

However, if you want to become a keyholder we have another process
where you request a key and the existing keyholders discuss your
request (no vetting or ID-check there either).
A single veto is enough to deny the request.  This happens very rarely
and usually because the requester hasn't been around for very long and
isn't known well enough for people to feel like trusting him/her with
a key to the space.
However, we're generally a trusting bunch having around 60 keyholders
right now with no serious issues so far.

Having so many keyholders is one of the reasons we can manage to have
the space open (as in "come by unannounced and walk in"-open) every
weekday from around 6pm to (often very well) past midnight and 24h on
weekends and holidays.

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