[hackerspaces] Thank yous - Introductions and 2 hackerspaces programs!

Bilal Ghalib bg at bilalghalib.com
Tue Sep 18 05:10:32 CEST 2012

Just wanted to send this to the list in celebration. I'm so thankful
for all the hackerspace members that have helped to fund this project
and I really hope we're successful at inspiring the need for these
spaces in Baghdad and the Middle East / North Africa more broadly.

We've been working here in Beirut for a while and I'd like to
introduce a new hackerspace here:
(lamba means lightbulb in beiruti arabic)

Come visit them, they're wonderful people!

Also, still want to chat about 2 things:

1) Hacker exchange programs
    Sending people from developed hackerspaces to developing
hackerspaces and in reverse. I think a lot can be learned by trading

2) Sister hackerspace program
    Would like some help formalizing that and perhaps making it onto
the hackerspaces.org website (GEMSI.org could host too)

Stay classy world!!

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