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Wed Sep 5 12:06:38 CEST 2012


On Wed, Sep 05, 2012 at 11:27:28AM +0200, albert wrote:
> What is it the UX project ?

The first rule of the UX project is do not talk about the UX project :)

    More seriously, UX is nothing, just a name  that  several  group  of
urban explorers share in case one of those get known  by  mistake.  They
have been known by repairing the clock of  the  "Panthéon",  or  because
they ran an underground (literally) movie theatre in the galleries  (aka
"catacombes") beneath Paris XIIIth district.

    Then there has been a book one of them wrote, and an  article  Wired
wrote about them, that you can find  easily  if  you  look  through  the
archives of this list.

> What do you mean by learning math through architecture ?

    I don't know what he wants to actually learn, but for sure the story
of architecture is very interesting, from the way the greek columns  are
built (bended so they look straight), to the use of  the  golden  number
for almost any historical building (both of those has been used in  most
US capitols and for the white  house).  And  I  don't  even  talk  about

> I guess Baron will be welcomed at the folloing places:
> - le tmp/lab http://www.tmplab.org/ www.lapaillasse.org
> - le loop http://leloop.org/
> - l'electrolab http://www.electrolab.fr/
> - la blackbox http://blackboxe.fr/

    Of course he is, and we also have some members in  our  hackerspaces
that are found of urban exploration,  and  that  can  get  him  to  cool


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