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Willow Brugh willow.bl00 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 23:11:55 CET 2012

Request from FEMA has come in to help set up networks on the East Coast. If
you're around, please help out. And maybe my ulterior motive is getting
some mesh networking infrastructure in place.

Still in process of quantifying need, will find out today or Thursday when
DRCs open up:

Quick white paper below:

We need your assistance. I just had a discussion with Senior Advisor on
Disability Issues and FEMA’s Senior Tech Advisor. We need your help to
mobilize the community in the next couple of days to help us reach disaster
survivors. Additionally, this is likely being done-if you know who, please
get us in touch with these individuals.

Marcie’s team is taking innovative steps to streamline communication
efforts to provide equal access to effective communication for people with
communication disabilities (people who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind
or have low vision, low literacy, speech disabilities). One of these steps
include sending 175 iPads to Disaster Recovery Centers. These ipads will be
used as a communication tool through visual aids that allows disaster
survivors to communicate with FEMA and others who provide disaster services
to meet  survivors’ needs.

What we need?

Point of contact to mobilize volunteer IT communities to help us build
wireless at these locations that are outside the firewall so that we can
have these conversations with disaster survivors (wireless in these
locations may only be accessible to FEMA employees.) Marcie has indicated
the Ipads are 4G and need consistent and fast internet connections.  She is
going to be providing the locations of where this will need to be up and

Can we get your help to mobilize community assistance to get wireless up
and going to help disaster survivors with disabilities and others with
access and functional nedds.

What we are asking?

Volunteer IT community member(s) to go to the locations that Marcie will
provide in the next couple of days to set up wireless for this to occur.

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