[hackerspaces] SpaceAPI being polled fast

Eric Stein toba at des.truct.org
Tue Oct 30 06:01:54 CET 2012

Since when is 25 seconds too much?  The responses are small, this is not
a big deal. Just FYI it is not me doing it.

On 10/28/2012 04:48 PM, guyzmo+hackerspaces at m0g.net wrote:
> Hello,
> On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 12:41:04PM -0500, Sparr wrote:
>> "url":"http:\/\/leloop.org",
>> "open":"http://leloop.org/open.png"
>> "closed":"http://leloop.org/close.png"
>> "logo":"http:\/\/wiki.leloop.org\/images\/thumb\/1\/17\/LeLoop-brainfuck.png\/120px-LeLoop-brainfuck.png"
>> "url":"http://leloop.org/blog/feed"
>> It looks like something upstream of this feed is inconsistently
>> escaping strings. You might want to look into that.
>     Indeed, but the example on http://hackerspaces.nl/spaceapi/ has also
> inconsistent escaping, and we are consistent with the inconsistency  :-)
> So what shall be done ?
>     And would that have a relation with the  fact  that  we  are  polled
> every twenty five seconds ?

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