[hackerspaces] Fwd: webpage infra

Ward De Ridder 42 at warddr.eu
Tue Oct 16 09:08:30 CEST 2012

On 10/16/12 08:14, Yvan Janssens wrote:
> Hello,
> Over here, at VoidWarranties in Belgium, we use a wiki primarily - we 
> tend to use the Sematic MediaWiki extensions for our calendar, and we 
> don't really need the "news" feature. We also use the wiki to organise 
> our thoughts, and create an archive for the people behind us.
> We also use a local piratepad-like installation to do notetaking 
> during meetings, but that one is not served in public.
> Yvan
As one of the maintainers of that particular wiki (and as an 
administrator on wikipedia that knows how a wiki should work) I can tell 
you that I'd rather loose that Sematic extention, this is so un-wiki, 
hard to configurate,... It doesn't feel right.
It is indeed usefull to be able to use this calendar function, but it's 
like using a screwdriver as a chisel, it works most of the time but it 
isn't really meant for it.
It is also responsible for displaying some vague errors if you forget to 
fill some parameters, for example on your user page.

I'd rather have a normal wiki for all discussion and that kind of thing, 
and a separate callendar with hyperlinks to that wiki.


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