[hackerspaces] printablegun.com has it's 3d printer siezed

Bryce Tugwell btugwell at fusestudios.com
Tue Oct 2 02:50:25 CEST 2012

For better or for worse, Printablegun.com who was/is working on creating a
(hand)gun printable on a 3d printer, has had its printer (which evidently
was leased(?)) confiscated "before they even got it out of the box" by the
company that made the printer (Stratasys). Evidently printablegun.com did a
kickstarter style fundraiser, raised $20,000 and "leased" the printer
(would love to know if they actually leased it, or if this is the action of
a company that is moving on a end user licence agreement...) In any case
they showed up at the guys house and took the printer away before it was
ever plugged in. (i won't insert my opinion on this right away, I am
interested in hearing yours!)


I am sure there are some lively opinions on this, and I am all ears, I
would love to hear thoughs.

Also, I am about to post a huge load of photos (well over a thousand) of
the Iron pour I attended and participated in this weekend to flickr, I will
send out a link when the upload is complete. I made a nice cast iron paella
pan that turned out great! I can't wait to do another casting. Interested
parties are welcome to join in, but in the future will need to let me know
well enough in advance to go over some fairly important safety information
in advance.

Also, those interested in making a cast iron piece should let me know - I
can arrange it if far enough in advance.

FYI bronze and aluminium castings opportunities coming in the future as

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