[hackerspaces] I need your HS' pix and stories.

Philip Poten philip.poten at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 11:12:15 CET 2012

Hello folks,

I'm currently trying to inspire people to create a hackerspace in one of
the most rural parts of Austria*. Now, I've been trying to introduce people
that are not primarily into electronics or IT to the idea of a hackerspace,
and went looking for pictures & stories from around the world.

Turns out, it's very difficult to align pictures with stories (and names)
when it's not a hackerspace you know, and often pictures are just without a
comment on flickr, or the text isn't in english, or there is a text but no
picture, or the better pictures are elsewhere, or ... yadda yadda. Every
hackerspace has their own creative chaos communicating the awesomeness that
they are to the outside world.

Now, I still want to give people aroun here an idea on what a hackerspace
can all be / what can happen there, But to do this, I need your help:

TLDR: SEND ME YOUR PIXXx1 (and the story, and the hackerspace it is from,
and the country, and a link to a representative page, and the Creative
Commons License/Author)

Examples are on http://endstation.cc/ - the slideshow gives you an idea of
the style of pictures and the length of text I'm looking for. I'm looking
for all kind of electronic, digital or non-electronic endeavours. You can
also send several pix for each story. You can also send any descriptive
collection of links to pictures and texts from what I can create the above.
(CC License!)

Thank you so much for every minute you can spare on this, and if it is at
all useful for others, I task myself with collecting the result on a wiki
page on hackerspaces.org.


* Yes! I think it can be done. While we suffer from low population density,
there is more infrastructure lacking than in a city (e.g. rehearsal rooms,
audio studio, bike shop etc). So the diversity of potential supporters will
make up for plain quantity.
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