[hackerspaces] 29c3: Hackerspaces exchange

Moritz Bartl moritz at hackerbus.eu
Sun Nov 25 20:16:15 CET 2012

All hackerspaces deal with similar challenges, and it would be
beneficial for all of us to exchange experiences and learn from each
other. I would like to meet people from different hackerspaces, create
new connections, and even help creation of new hackerspaces!

Topics for discussion:

    what is the one achievement your hackerspace is the most proud of?
    what is the biggest problem in your hackerspace?
    how do you deal with (usual?) problems of:
        membership administration
        washing the dishes
        24/7 physical access
        shared networking infrastructure
        ... add your own topic here!

Stamping your "hackerspaces passport"

Please remember to bring the stamp of your hackerspace, so that other
people can collect more entries in their diplomatic passports :)
Stickers exchange

ditto for stickers...


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