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Red Davies noiddicle at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 09:45:12 CET 2012

Man, i wish we'd known about this sooner... Not only could we have opened
our doors and gotten people in but it would have had guaranteed news

Local news would love this as a story!

Look forward to reading your aggregation!

On Nov 23, 2012 3:41 AM, "Brink of HackFriday" <brink at hackfriday.com> wrote:

> Greetings fellow hackers and makers!
> Regardless which side of any ocean you might be on, you're probably
> familiar with Black Friday, and the raw consumer madness which overtakes
> most of America on this infamous day of the year.
> Last year, NYC Resistor and other fine hackerspaces encouraged folks to
> eschew the crazed shopping malls in favor of a better way to spend the
> post-holiday holiday: Hack Friday, an international day of hackery, makery,
> and craftery.
> This year, as many more folks are embracing the make-not-buy mentality of
> Hack Friday, we're kicking things up a notch with HackFriday.com. We've
> spent all week untangling the 'tubes to make HackFriday.com an aggregator
> for all things and projects HackFriday related.
> Now that the dust is settling and we can see what we've done, we want to
> feature your awesome projects! Whether you're hacking solo or in
> conjunction with your hackerspace comrades, HackFriday.com gives you a
> place to catch up on all the global HackFriday action in one grand unified
> kitten caboodle of hackity goodness.
> Come hack the day away with us! We'll be adding feeds to the hose all day
> long, so send them to us any way you can!  Here are some ways:
> Method 1: Email your project/blog/hackerspace RSS URL to
> feeds at hackfriday.com !
> Method 2: Tweet your RSS URL (or its short link) to @ItsHackFriday with
> the tag #HackFridayProject
> Method 3:  Tag your stuff #HackFriday !  *If* *we find it*, we'll
> aggregate it!
> HackFriday.com launches Friday morning, November 23rd, at 6am PST.   First
> one there gets cake*!
> - Brink
> brink at hackfriday.com
> *Bring Your Own Cake
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