[hackerspaces] fossjobs - job platform for open source jobs

Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Tue Nov 20 23:14:11 CET 2012

Question : is there someting preventing people from another country than US
accepting or submitting offers? (I am thinking about France mainly)

On 21/11/12 04:31, James Carlson wrote:
> Just so I understand, if I have a for-profit company that works with open
> source tech (for example, contributing to development, giving back code
> etc.) and am looking for talent--it's a good fit?
> Also--you're running it as a non-profit, do you have / would you like 501c3
> status? This is something that could connect with the Space Federation (48
> spaces and counting!) because many members are themselves in FOSS related
> work. I'd like to partner!

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