[hackerspaces] How to Start a Hackerspace, The Series

Eric Michaud eric at hackerspaces.org
Mon Nov 12 22:02:06 CET 2012

Hello Everyone,

My name is Eric Michaud, some of you may know me as the founder of Pumping
Station: One, as a professor at College of Lockpicking, or have seen me in
the school yard doing backflips off the swings.

I have been touring the world of Hackerspaces and constantly being inspired
day after day now for over two years since I left Chicago. A few weeks ago
I decided to write How To Start A Hackerspace. This has now become a blog
series that covers all the basic components of building a hackerspace from
the ground up that I have learned personally and from all of you.

Today I posted the first part of the series on Adafruit Blog. I hope you
enjoy it and spread it far and wide to anyone who has questions about how
to start a space. I'll be following up with new posts in the future that
will delve more deeply than the initial series so stay tuned. :)


Hack On,

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