[hackerspaces] Opening party of the smoke-free hackerspace AFRA in Berlin, Germany

Christian Seitz chris at in-berlin.de
Fri Nov 9 09:23:32 CET 2012

On Thu, 8 Nov 2012, Felicitus wrote:

>> Wow I must say this notion of a labeling a hacker space smoke free
>> in Europe is rather innovative.
> All hackerspaces I've visited so far have a "smoke outside if required" 
> policy. So I'm wondering why you labeled that explicitly.

This is different in Berlin ;-) There are hackerspaces in Berlin where 
smoking inside is usual and there are many people who don't like the 
smoke, but the smokers want to continue smoking inside. So people who 
don't like smoke establish a new hackerspace and leave the other.

At IN-Berlin, a non-commercial ISP and hackerspace in Berlin, we also have 
a "smoke outside if required" policy and we are happy with it. There are 
people who would avoid the place if smoking would be allowed inside.

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