[hackerspaces] Network MEP Code

friday demola demolaboy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 10:36:49 CET 2012

Good day to you all, this message is directed to those in the
technology section, you can ignore this if you don't know anything
about it thanks.

A brand new phone was sent to me for some check up but apparently I
couldn't run the test because it was requesting for the network MEP
code which I tried talking to the company (VodaFone). I had to wait
for 5days before they could answer me directly from their mail.

Now I was told that they only provide free unlocking of handset for
PAYG customers once they have completed 1 year after date of
connection with Vodafone and request for unlocking before a year will
be charged £20. Meanwhile the phone was bought last week and now I
need to unlock it.

Please if you are in any way involve with unlocking of Codes please
kindly help a member out; below are the necessary information.

Phone Details
Mobile number: 07796277530
Phone Make: BlackBerry
Model: Black Berry 9320
IMEI Number: 354011053498969

I would look forward hearing from you soon..

Best Regards

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