[hackerspaces] Stop by Noisebridge after Maker Faire

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Fri May 18 20:04:28 CEST 2012

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Aww yeah, it's that time again!

Hackers gonna hack
Makers gonna make
Trollers gonna troll and

Grab your hottest soldering iron, sharpest knitting needles, a hip
flask full of gin, all the awkward encrypted hacker mailing list drama
baggage you can spit out of that broken Makerbot, and get your sexy
butt down to the San Francisco Maker Faire (not in San Francisco) this
weekend! You'll see some cheap hacks, amazingly boring product booths,
smart open source projects run by total idiots, and all of the money
literally vacuumed out of your pants by robots (pro tip: real hackers
don't wear pants to Maker Faire).

Once you're done getting punched in the brain repeatedly by
steamo-punks, walking away from that one guy who wont shut up about
hacking Roombas with an OpenBSD build of Android, a jar of petroleum
jelly, and ferrets, vomit up the last of that triple deep fried fair
ground food, and head on over to Noisebridge anytime this weekend!
Noisebridge is San Francisco's open to all (just as long as you
haven't been labeled crazy by a panel of people with no real medical
qualifications) hacker space.

We've got robotic Buddhist monks with anger management problems, a
working kitchen, a ball pit full of drama, lazorz, human beings, a
place to sit down but not sleep, internet on tap, delightful beverages
just across the street, and a space co-founder who's so extremely
against DERPA funding he's actually giving the military money back!

Noisebridge will more or less be open 24 hours a day, until, well,
never. So please come on by and check it out. We will be the most hard
drive thumping after party this weekend, every night! Noisebridge is
at 2169 Mission St next to 18th St. We're 1.8 blocks away from the
16th Street BART stop, which ultimately connects to Caltrain at
Millbrae. You can find more info here...


If ringing our doorbell is too complicated for you, try entering the
six digit numerical days that Makre Faire is running into the payphone
(181920). Be awesome, bring beer! Please forward this invite to anyone
else you think might be around Maker Faire and would appreciate
checking out one of the most used up example of a hackerspace doing it
wrong in the world. Let us touch you, with our magic.

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