[hackerspaces] Spark 181 – Mitch Altman says hackers could raise $10mil

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All Hands Active in Ann Arbor has Bright Futures - I was on the phone with
them yesterday to see how the program might be replicated at Jigsaw.
Members sign up to do a one-hour session at the established after-school
program called Bright Futures. The school pays for their gas and one meal.
They've started building out their curriculum (at least necessary
materials, estimated cost, simple flow charts of how to go through a

At Jigsaw, we'll have people signed up to do this by our mini Maker Faire
first weekend of June. When the inevitable teacher comes up and says "omg,
how did I not know about this, I want this in my school," we'll have a
clear way for them to interact with us. I want to do a trial run, and add
what we learn to the documentation at AHA. A goal of mine is to not just go
to the kids, but to have field trips to our space as well.

As we start building out that knowledge, we can easily write grants. One
person from AHA recommended one person from each group participating in
this sort of educational initiative can get together with everyone else and
we can start to write big grants and volunteer time to do the administrivia
of fundraising.

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> On 10 mai 2012, at 10:18, Al Jigong Billings wrote:
> > Oh really?
> >
> > Name the hackerspaces with school programs or programs primarily focused
> on children?
> In .lu we have a special program for kids called HacKids. It's taking
> place once a month and teaches 10-18 yr old hacking stuff around them.
> I'm personally in charge with this.
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