[hackerspaces] MAKErspace.com releases Playbook and updated Tools documents

Nathaniel Bezanson myself at telcodata.us
Thu May 3 03:18:54 CEST 2012

>From day zero, I've tried to avoid the name "makerspace" because it seems
unduly hitched to a commercial entity. This becomes very clear on page 46
of the playbook draft:

"We also require that you use this language in an “About” page of your
blog or website." ... and then it goes on to promote Makezine and O'Reilly
for several paragraphs.



> Not me, I have a hackerspace.
> I know people working on other spaces and have been calling them
> makerspaces and want to know if I should advise them to use some other
> term
>>  On Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 4:52 PM, Sean Bonner wrote:
>> Is O'Reilly laying claim to the "Makerspace" term now? What I mean is,
>> if
>> someone is setting up a space and has been calling it a Makerspace,
>> should
>> they think of a new term so as not to run afoul of trademarks and
>> whatnot?

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