[hackerspaces] The OpenSpaceBook

slopjong slopjong at syn2cat.lu
Sun Jun 17 17:52:14 CEST 2012

Fellow hackers, I'm new here, hi :-)

I'm planning to create a free online book with each participating 
hackerspace telling something about it.

20 chapters will be available for your hackerspace's story and each 
hackerspace is asked to use the same chapter titles so that one can 
switch to another space within the same chapter.

Because of the unified chapter titles the participating hackerspaces 
should decide together what the chapters should be about.

* Before my space became alive
* When my space got founded
* My space's timeline
* bla4
* Our most popular projects
* bla6
* ...

Well I'm not too creative so I request for comments. What content do 
you wish to appear in the book? Some chapters such as "My space's 
timeline" should be kind of flexible to continue your story over time.


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