[hackerspaces] Looking for ideas on loaning/swapping/selling 'stuff'

spanner888 spanner888 at usabledevices.com
Tue Jul 10 10:26:07 CEST 2012

Hackerspaces tend to have lists, usually web based, of the 'stuff' 
(tools, parts, systems, things, ...) that they have available for members.

This stuff might be available for use within the space, for loan, for 
swapping, or for sale (including giveaway).

But the lists are not always up to date.

A similar situation also applies to the stuff members own, although it 
is likely that not all the stuff belonging to members if available for 
swap/loan/sale and it is much less likely that who has what is widely 
known within a space!

It seems that there is room to improve and expand how this stuff is 
managed, especially in the area of swap/loan/selling the largely hidden 
treasures owned by members.

Do any spaces have existing experience, thoughts and advice improving 
this situation?

For example has anyone implemented a loan or swap system, especially of 
the members available stuff?

spanner888 at usabledevices.com

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