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No need to turn this into another "why are you ashamed of what you do"
debate - the question is very personal and up to each person to choose how
they answer. No right and wrong, here. I do a lot of things that could be
considered "objectionable" to certain employers, such as being very active
in the Burning Man community, helping to run an "edgy" art cooperative,
having a huge mohawk, etc. I don't hide any of it, and I answer all
questions about it honestly.

I am a very social person, and I've never had any issues professionally
with any of my interests or activities, but it is a fact that some people
misunderstand things when they are written, particularly if they are
written in a very brief manner that will be read very briefly (as in a
Linked In profile or resume). I prefer to discuss details in person where I
can ensure that there will be no misunderstandings. I would never work for
someone who thought poorly of my busy non-work life, but I also want to
make sure that people understand what I do before coming to that decision.

Secondly, the Phoenix Asylum doesn't self-describe as a hackerspace,
because really, we aren't. We are very close, but our members are more
focused on structural art and kinetic art, and less on electronics and
software (though we do have a CNC router and a Makerbot). It isn't because
we don't want to be associated with mean 'ole hackers, just that it isn't
the most accurate description of our daily activity. We face all the same
issues that a more "traditional" hackerspace does (if there is such a
thing), which is why we are here on the list with everyone else.

I do advocate being proud of what you work on, and being honest about what
it is and how it works. How an individual chooses to initiate that
conversation with people, and which words they use, has no universal answer.


On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 2:33 PM, Al Jigong Billings
<albill at openbuddha.com>wrote:

> On 1/24/12 1:31 PM, Curbob wrote:
> > During my interview for my current job I told my soon to be boss that
> > I put on a hacker convention each year and I'm a member of a hacker
> > space, just so he knew before he hired me. That way if he had a
> > problem later, I could say I told you about this. He still hired me.
> I'm missing something between you and Sam. Why would it be a problem
> that you need to warn people about? Do you warn them about all of your
> hobbies, like using sailboats on the weekends?
>  I've got to wonder where some people work where they need to give
> disclaimers to hiring managers and why you would want to work in such a
> place.
> Al
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