[hackerspaces] Building code, permits, and all that pain.

Nathaniel Bezanson myself at telcodata.us
Thu Jan 5 21:22:21 CET 2012


Just wanted to say hi to any Makeit Labs folks on this list, we've been
through this and know what you're up against! As it happened, i3 Detroit
was able to tie things up in reinspections and delays, and remain open,
while we shopped for a new space. It was cheaper to move than to fix the
decades of problems in our first space.

Turns out, that having a certificate of occupancy was supposed to be the
landlord's job! At least, the way I understand it. (IANAL!) So we made
sure that the new landlord got all the paperwork done for the new space
*before* we moved in. Things have been much better, though we're still
working on getting a few restrictions relaxed.

Anyway, I've sent you guys a few bucks and I wish you all success. It
sounds like the city's pretty excited to have you, so good luck!


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