[hackerspaces] trip to cairo

chr quenotte at gmx.de
Mon Feb 27 16:11:06 CET 2012

hello everyone,

i'm going to make a trip to cairo, next month the 23.3-31.3/or longer?.
it is the first time i am going there...

i just read this message from the http://cairohackerspace.org/news

    * Moving to a new space and getting new stuff*

    We would like to announce our members and all who are interested to
    be a member that we are now moving for a new space and got some new
    stuff to be able to have more members. more info about the new space
    will announced soon

do you have already a new space in cairo?

or do you know some places to go there? , maybe also in connection to 
the art-context (not the traditional ^_~)?
...i was working the last years together (most of the time) with young 
artists (which i think i am one of them too, but i'm not sure about it 
^_*) and artstudents in the fields of programming, FLOSS, Linux... 
finding ways to make art/to change without the need, to be a slave of 
it's system.

hope some of you in cairo / the rest of the world | knows some people in 
cairo | some places in cairo | workshops? | bars? | parks? | squares? | 
to share ideas | not ideologies

Thanks a lot, ...hope some of you can help me out
a little

greetings from munich



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