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Thu Feb 9 07:11:51 CET 2012

I got a personal email from Dale Dougherty today that he isn't interested in a ™ or other wise restricting Makerspace --- the licensing of Maker Faire not withstanding.  I would still like a public recognition - from MAKE and DARPA - that that the term is already public domain, and generic.

On 2/8/12 3:21 PM, Arclight wrote:
   Do you suppose this could be 3D Printed?
lol… Sure.  Handcarved or turned on a lathe too.

Willow Brugh ..
> If the main issue with bringing in minors is that of insurance, what would
go into making our own insurance co-op? 

That would be a great idea. I don't know that we could provide the $mil required in case of payouts…

Youth Education is the central component of the MAKErspace in the makerspace.com world. That it steps on the generic makerspace will be an unfortunate point of contention and irritation.

Personally, I support the Make/Darpa/OtherLab effort.  I hope they open source their curriculum, etc.

Our makerspace does outreach to kids, and we have kids as young as 2mo regularly at meetings.  Liability is a big worry for me.  We currently occupy space on Dept of Education land and they require both liability insurance and non-profit status. ugh.

Jerry Isdale

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