[hackerspaces] first aid

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Thu Dec 27 22:16:47 CET 2012

Not sure on the english names, but I'd expect (electric) burns and
deep cuts.

so for burns make sure you have a fire-blanket, running (clean) water
and enough and a diversity of sizes sterile bandages.

For cuts and lots of blood, there are a couple of things I'd like to have:
- some quick temporary 'stich' adhesive bandage (for closing deep cuts)
- diverse (large and small) and enough sterile bandages.
- plain bandages
- compressionbandages (to stop severe/persistent bleeding)
- There's something which in dutch is called 'Snelverband', which you
can apply at once to the wound (has a sterilepad to go on the wound).
- again, running clean water

sorry, I'm only familiar with dutch terms, an idea could be mailing
someone of the CERT, they have years of experience with fixing up
hackers at congresses and camps. :)


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