[hackerspaces] Show your space at 29C3, without even being in Hamburg

Severin Schols severin at schols.de
Thu Dec 27 15:07:52 CET 2012

Be live on stage without being in Hamburg

For the last years, fellow hackers who couldn't make it to the congress
gathered in their local hackerspaces to watch the streams provided by
the FEM. In 2009 we started to announce a concept we now call “congress
everywhere”. Hackers from all over the world were invited to gather in
their local community and watch the streams together to share some
congress experience. We always tried to make the connection
bidirectional. Starting with 27C3 friendly helpers, called “signal
angels” were using state-of-the-art social media (like IRC) to gather
questions during talks from the congress everywhere folks and listened
to all the ideas from our not-on-location friends.

This year we want to bring you even closer to the congress, even if you
couldn't make the trip to Hamburg. We want to bring you (and your local
hackerspace) live on stage!

Show us your congress everywhere location, tell us abour your cool
projects or just use your imagination.

We and all the other folks in Hamburg or all around the world would
really like to meet you, so please have a look at the wiki page which
has details about the idea and enter your contact details:


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