[hackerspaces] Opening party of the smoke-free hackerspace AFRA in Berlin, Germany

Christian Seitz chris at in-berlin.de
Sun Dec 23 10:30:32 CET 2012


On Sun, 23 Dec 2012, zeltophil wrote:

> On 04.12.2012 06:33, Will Bradley wrote:
>> *casts resurrect on this thread*
>> Will AFRA or any other Hamburg/Berlin spaces be open 
>> before/during/after 29c3? I have extra time to see other spaces and 
>> would like to visit as many as possible.
> most AFRA members will be at 29C3, so the space will most likely be 
> closed, but c-base will be open. There, they will show 29C3 talks and 
> have a congress afterparty as well as a silvester party.

if you are looking for a mostly-open _smoke-free_ hackerspace in Berlin 
also consider visiting IN-Berlin at Lehrter Str. 53 (near Berlin 
mainstation). 29c3 livestreams will be available there via video 

There is no guarantee that it will be open 24/7 during the 29c3, but you 
can call +49-30-45490377 and see if somebody is in the location ;-)

There will be also a small silvester party beginning at 4pm.
https://wiki.in-berlin.de/Events/20121231Silvester (german version)

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