[hackerspaces] How to promote hackerspace inventions

Ben Brown ben at kwartzlab.ca
Wed Dec 19 14:59:49 CET 2012

On 12/15/2012 8:07 PM, Simon Clark wrote:
> Absolutely. We can do wholesale pricing for any hackerspace for 5 or
> more kits. That puts it at $15 each plus shipping.

Awesome, once our move is finished I'd like to work on some Arduino
workshops using the codeshield.

> I looked at kickstarted to begin with, but they don't work for non-US
> folk, and at the time, 'an indie-go-go' campaign just wasn't getting
> the same traction as a kickstarted one, as we could do without. I
> could do a kickstarter campaign to have the curriculum properly
> developed, perhaps? other ideas?

Actually, last I checked you only need someone who's an American citizen
(who's involved in the project) to apply and run the Kickstarter
campaign. Also because they send the funds with Amazon payments which is

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